Why Argan Oil is My Hair Saviour


youforher argan oil used for skincare and haircare, in a bottle on a table


My hair has always been ‘fluffy’. That untamed something between straight and wavy, not completely either, plus an added bonus of annoying flyaway frizz. I always struggled styling it to either make it completely straight or achieve those cool surfer-girl waves. Fluffy is just too random and only good for lazy bad hair days.


I knew about argan oil as a kid. As a Moroccan, it’s known as one of the ‘top secrets to beautiful hair’; taming the unruliest hair and bringing shine to all strands. However, growing up, I didn’t take much notice of it. I assumed it was more relevant for the ‘older folk’ and I (regrettably) let it be, putting up with my fluff.


When I finally reached adulthood, I had been looking for an organic and natural hair product that doesn’t just add silicone as a mask to make my hair ‘seem’ nice, but instead, one that would actually, truly, make my hair healthier.


As a side, this philosophy of hair matches my philosophy of health. Either you choose to eat unhealthily and spend your life buying vitamins, medications and stress yourself to burn it all off at the gym to attempt to ‘look healthy’. Or you eat well and balanced, and take pleasure in staying active, and you naturally will look and feel healthy. Health should be considered as a mindset, habits and life choices.


So, along my search for the perfect product, I rediscovered the gloriousness of pure argan oil (thanks mum ;) ) as a natural moisturiser and styler for my fluffy dilemma.


Women with her back turned showing her beautiful wavy hair, no longer frizzy thanks to her argan oil treatment


I use it as a hair mask once a week, keeping it in overnight, with my hair soaking in the vitamin E and antioxidant goodness. I really find my hair beautifully silky after washing it out the next morning, and voila, much less fluffy! It is packed with vitamin E, healthy fats (omega 3, 6 and 9 to be exact) and no silicones, toxins or nasties. It is 100% natural, plant-based. As an added bonus, it also soothes and hydrates my scalp. 

Every week I massage a small amount (no more than a drop) just on my ends to keep them healthy after my curling-wand and hairdryer use. Argan oil is great for split-end repair, so it means fewer trips to the hairdresser (and easier on my wallet).

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Recently after having a baby, I’m rediscovering the miracle it is for regrowth and having stronger thicker hair. It’s potent goodness repairs damaged hair follicles and shabby ends. My postpartum hair experience has been way less scary than expected. I truly feel argan oil made the difference, nourishing my hair from within. It’s also a mindfulness ritual within a busy mum life, with a newborn. I find that putting oil on my hair and taking that small action of caring for me really helps me be more present and whole. I find those little beauty moments are very important in making me feel like I’m treating myself.


Woman and mum with beautiful hair from using argan oil as her hair treatment, holds her baby in her arms


Argan oil to me goes beyond beauty, as it is a rare Moroccan treasure all made by women. Knowing that using it helps the cooperatives of women grow adds an extra positivity to my happy ritual, making ‘me’ more connected to ‘her’, the woman making it with her hands. I love that I’m a part of this community of goodness… linking beauty with kindness and love.


With love,

Hind El-Aoufi, Co-Founder


Hind, youforher co-founder, shows her beautiful hair thanks to using argan oil as her haircare treatment