8 Reasons Why You Need Argan Oil For Your Hair

Argan oil, known as liquid gold has for many centuries been a Moroccan secret, passed down through generations from old to young. It's only in the past decade, and moreso recent years, that it has become more globally known, especially when it comes to haircare. Many of us may have heard our hairdressers rave on about how good it is, and probably have already come across an array of products that include argan oil in it.

But why is it so good for your hair in particular? What does it really do?

Scroll down to learn more about why argan oil is great for your hair.


Argan oil for your hair


Packed with micronutrients like polyphenols, antioxidants like tocopherols (vitamin E) and many essential fatty acids (such as linoleic and oleic), argan oil has many proven benefits to your hair, as well as to your skin and health. It can be used in SO many different ways in both haircare, skincare and even cooking, it is really one of those must-have, multi-use household items. But we're talking about the real deal here, 100% pure natural argan oil. Not the fake products that really include a load of other unknown ingredients. But more on that later...let's get to the benefits!


Argan oil is great for your hair

 The benefits of argan oil for your hair:


 1. It locks in moisture to the scalp, hair, and follicles.

Argan oil is a lightweight oil that creates a gentle protective layer over the scalp and strands, locking in moisture and avoiding your hair from drying out with the day's activities. 


2. It treats and reduces dry, itchy scalps.

The potent nutrients in argan oil, including the antioxidants and vitamin E, reduce inflammation and soothes, which results in calming itchy, irritated skin. Argan oil locks in moisture and restores the natural balance of oils on your skin, healing dry and flakey scalps.


3. It strengthens and thickens the hair from root to tip.

Argan oil penetrates deep into the skin and hair, nourishing the hair follicles in the scalp and the hair strands itself with its antioxidants, vitamin E and fatty acids. Its anti-inflammatory properties and rich nutrients repair damaged hair and follicles, promoting your hair to grow thicker, healthier and stronger. This includes beard growth!


4. It smooths, conditions, and de-frizzes the hair.

Argan oil is an excellent conditioner and sealer. It penetrates deep into the hair, providing much-needed nourishment and treatment. At the same time, it tames those wild flyaways and frizz and makes your hair feel silky soft and smooth. 


5. It protects against damages from the sun, high heat, salt, and chemicals.

Argan oil acts as a strong barrier against the daily wear and tear your hair can experience. It provides a sealing layer on your hair to protect against damages from high heat tools (curling wands, straighteners, and blow-dryers), as well as UV radiation from the sun, ocean salty water, and pool chemicals.


6. It prevents the signs of aging.

The high levels of vitamin E and antioxidants in argan oil naturally fight the aging process by keeping your hair healthy, strong, and protected from the elements. It helps slow down the process of hair greying or thinning.


7. It prevents hair loss, repairing, and reducing follicle damage.

Argan oil soaks in deep to the scalp and repairs damaged hair follicles. As mentioned earlier, this helps your hair grow thicker, but it also helps prevent future hair loss by keeping your hair and follicles as healthy and nourished as can be. It's particularly great for mums-to-be to prevent postpartum hair loss or men concerned about balding.


8. It promotes the speed of hair growth.

By making your hair follicles healthier and repairing damages, argan oil promotes hair to grow quicker than without treatment. Note there is no magic here, hair is still hair, and it's a slow-growing process! ;P


We recommend using our youforher 100% pure organic argan oil, sourced sustainably, and ethically by traditional Berber women in an all-female cooperative in Morocco. Over half of our profits will be donated to support female empowerment in rural Moroccan communities.


Argan oil for haircare

For more details on how to best use and apply argan oil on your hair, read more here! Also, for those wondering why argan oil is more much more precious than most other oils out there... read here to know how it's made.

Now, back to our point of not-all-argan-oil-products-are-created-equal...


Be aware of misleading argan oil products! 

Unfortunately, a lot of beauty products today have beautifully designed misleading marketing, with labels of Argan oil or Moroccan oil. In truth, if you look at their ingredients list, argan oil comes far down the list (meaning it's just a tiny percentage of the product), with who-knows-what other chemicals or additives inside. This means you're not really getting the true benefits of pure argan! We hope to increase your awareness of such claims and opt for the real deal, the 100% pure and organic argan oil.


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