Argan Oil As Treatment for Cradle Cap

Parenthood is such a magical time, starting from those sweet little innocent faces we all love to kiss so much to every little milestone we find extremely precious. Many find it the most rewarding and fulfilling job in the world, but some admit that it’s also a quite scary and exhausting ride. There are endless new things parents learn along the way, and of course, endless worries! Especially from the day you bring Baby home, every small thing that doesn’t look normal may be of great concern, like dry flakey skin! 

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Parents, most especially first-timers, may feel anxious when seeing these white flakey patches on their baby’s scalp. These white or yellow patches that often look like adult dandruff, commonly thick and flaky, are actually called cradle cap or crib cap. 

Is there a cause for alarm when your baby has these patches appearing on their scalp, sometimes even on the nose, eyebrows or nappy area? Not at all! You can breathe easy, it’s totally common for babies, and is no cause for concern.  They usually clear up on their own with time. However, if it is bothering you or Baby, or getting to be a bit much, there are natural treatments you can try to help get rid of the cradle cap (as well as dry skin on your baby). 




One super effective, natural treatment for cradle cap is the use of pure organic argan oil. The use of argan oil to safely treat baby cradle cap is not new science. It has been a traditional practice by Moroccan parents for centuries. In fact, Moroccans consider argan oil as a super oil household staple that can be used for multiple skin and hair benefits for all ages.

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Argan Oil As Treatment for Cradle Cap

What then makes pure organic argan oil great in treating cradle cap as well as baby’s dry skin?

  • It’s easily absorbed by Baby’s skin, keeping it moisturised to help soften and reduce the flakes, as well as protect the scalp from the external elements.
  • It has strong healing and anti-inflammatory properties, providing calm to sensitive skin and soothing the affected area.
  • It’s natural and pure, so it’s safe to apply on Baby’s scalp. 
  • It contains absolutely zero chemicals, toxins or petroleum (assuming you buy an authentic pure argan oil) . 
  • It’s non-greasy and non-irritant to ensure your baby’s comfort.

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Applying Argan Oil on Your Baby’s Cradle Cap

To apply argan oil on your baby’s scalp, follow these simple steps:

  1. 30 minutes before bath time, apply a couple of drops of pure argan oil onto your hands. Massage the oil evenly onto the scalp. A few drops is enough to moisturise the skin - a little goes a long way!
  2. Roughly 30 minutes after applying the oil, bathe or wash your baby’s scalp with your preferred baby’s soap and/or shampoo.
  3. Pat your baby’s skin dry with a soft towel, leaving the skin still moist.  
  4. Brush Baby’s hair to gently remove the cradle cap flakes. 



To apply argan oil to your baby’s dry skin elsewhere on the body:

  1. After bathtime and towel-drying Baby, gently massage a few drops of argan oil into your baby’s dry skin. The oil spreads easily so you don’t need much!
  2. Leave to absorb in.

A very important thing to note is to make sure that you buy pure organic argan oil. Not doing so might put your baby at risk since there’s a possibility that chemicals may be present on impure ones. The essence of why argan oil is used on babies is because of its natural and chemical-free nature. Always check the label before buying a new product! To make sure you’re buying authentic, check out youforher’s pure argan oil here

Check the Label on your Argan Oil

How will you be able to know that the argan oil you are buying is pure and of high quality? Below are some key tips to be sure what you’re buying is the real deal.

  • Check the color: it should be light golden yellow in color.
  • Check the label: Pure organic argan oil should only have one and only ingredient, and that is Argan Oil (or Argania spinosa kernel oil). Nothing else. If there are other ingredients listed, it is then not a pure argan oil product and you may not be getting all the quality benefits that the pure oil gives. It also may have additives, chemicals or synthetics, which would not be good for Baby! If there are mentions of the following chemical components, these are just the natural nutrients within the oil itself that make it so effective! These include linoleic acid, linolenic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid, myristic acid, squalene, vitamin E and tocopherols.
  • Check the consistency: Argan oil should be smooth and silky, non-sticky, and not over-watery. It also shouldn’t leave an obvious oily cast on your skin after a few minutes as it absorbs in the skin completely. If the oil you are about to buy or use is acting differently, like the oil feels too sticky and feels heavy on the skin, or feels almost like water, it certainly isn’t pure.
  • Look for proof of quality on the label or on the brand's website: For true, high quality argan oil, it should have 'made in Morocco' on the label (if it's not made in Morocco, the creation process would likely be by a solvent extraction method in industrial machines, which don't create the same high quality oil). Generally it should be organic certified, by the brand or supplier. 


At youforher, our Moroccan cooperative is ECOCERT certified, which guarantees that the oil is organic and pure and that it was created from argan trees using sustainable cultivation and harvesting techniques.

The cause for cradle cap is still not definite but the good thing is they’re not considered to be harmful and that you can treat it by using natural remedies. 

Have questions regarding cradle cap and the use of argan oil on babies? Send us a message and our co-founder Hind, who uses pure argan oil for her own baby, will be happy to share more insights. ;) 

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