Meet Mia, youforher’s young ambassador

Sharing kindness to people and to the planet has always been one of the core values that youforher tries to impart with anyone - in every customer, in every sale, in every message, and in every partnership we join.

And with this in mind, we would like to introduce Mia Montgomery, our young ambassador, who shares the same values with us. 

Mia is a vibrant young lady who we first met through her mum who loved using our argan oil. Mia willingly shared her photos for us to use in our early years of business.

When we learned of Mia’s passion for making a difference in the lives of people close to her and beyond, and her success in being one of the 31 entrants at this year’s Australian Supermodel of the Year, we can’t help but be proud of her - at such a young age, she has the passion and audacity to make a difference, using her heart. 



To help her reach her dreams and be someone who can be an advocate for sharing kindness - in whatever aspect -  the team decided to be one of her sponsors. 

We believe Mia is the embodiment of the youforher core value which is kindness to people and to the planet. We also believe that the ASOTY team who is helping her achieve her dreams are advocates of the same cause - changing the world that we live in through compassion, empathy, love and respect for all humans. And for our planet. 

We are beyond happy to be a part of Mia’s growth, success, and journey towards making a bigger and kinder difference in the world.

To know more about Mia and support her, you can follow her on Instagram here >> 

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Kindness is the new cool - our Mia is the new cool.