How to use cosmetic argan oil

This liquid gold is amazing for everything and very simple to use. It can be used for nearly all parts of the body, making it perfect for those wanting to simplify their beauty routine. It is 100% natural and plant based, so you can be sure there are absolutely zero chemicals, preservatives or additives. Nature knows best!


For your hair


Argan oil for hair

1. Nourish your hair with a treatment:

At least 30 to 60 minutes before showering, apply a few drops of oil to your hands and gently massage it onto your scalp, then spreading the oil throughout your hair and ends. After letting the oil soak in for at least 30 minutes (the longer the better), thoroughly shampoo and rinse your hair.

For extra dry, fizzy or damaged hair, we recommend to leave it in your hair overnight (with a towel or cloth to protect your pillow) and wash it out in the morning. Repeat 1-3 times a week.

2. Condition, style and protect your hair:

To hydrate, condition and style your hair, apply a very small amount (no more than a few drops) to your hair straight after your shower, whilst your hair is still wet. Comb through to spread throughout your hair, particularly the ends, and massage into the scalp. This will also protect your hair against any heat damage from blow-drying and add a glowing look!

This can also be applied to already dry hair to provide heat protection against curling or straightening wands.

Note: only a very small amount of oil is needed, with too much sometimes giving that 'wet hair' look, depending on your hair type. If this isn't the look you're going for, simply: use less oil next time, give your hair a rinse to minimise the effect, add a few drops to your daily conditioner, or stick to method 1 above. 

3. Protect from the sun, sea and pool:

Before a day in the sun or swimming in chlorine or salt water, apply a few drops of oil onto your hair and spread evenly throughout to protect your hair from the damages that the chemicals, salt and UV can create.


For your face

Argan oil for face

4. Moisturise your face:

After cleansing and drying, simply apply a few drops to your hands and gently massage the oil directly onto your face and neck. It is a dry oil, so it does not leave a 'greasy' look and absorbs quickly into the skin!

This oil can either be a replacement of your traditional face moisturiser, morning or night, or in addition to. Whether you apply the oil before or after moisturising depends on your skin and what works best for you. Typically for dry skin, moisturise first, then oil, yet for oily skin it is best to apply the oil first. In any case, everyone is unique and it is best to give it a go and see what works best for you!  

5. Nourish your face with a mask:

Apply a few drops to your current face mask to deepen the hydration and skin rejuvenation.

Or as an alternative to those who prefer not to use the oil as a daily face moisturiser: after cleansing and drying, generously massage the oil onto your face and neck and leave for at least 10 minutes (you can leave it as long as you like). Gently rinse off with warm water.


For your body


Argan oil for your body

6. Moisturise your body:

Simply apply a few drops to your hands and massage the oil evenly over the area of choice. For the whole body, you may need a few drops per major body part.

It is particularly great to use as a moisturiser after shaving (for both the ladies and men)!

For the best results, apply directly after a shower or bath (after drying yourself first) whilst your skin is still moist. It is best to wait a couple of minutes before dressing to ensure the oil has time to naturally absorb into the skin.

7. Hydrate your lips:

Lightly massage a drop of oil onto your lips as required, wiping off any excess (and use the excess as a bonus for your hands! ;) ).

8. Soften your feet:

After washing and exfoliating, apply the oil generously to your feet, massaging into the heels, toes and nails. It is best to do this before bed and to put on a clean pair of cotton socks straight away, to allow the oil to soak in well overnight. Repeat as needed. This is particularly great to treat cracked heels! 

9. Treat your cuticles and nails: 

Apply and massage a few drops of oil onto your (clean) hands, nails and cuticles. It is best to do this right before going to bed, and is particularly great for dry hands and peeling or cracked nails/cuticles.

10. Reduce stretch marks:

Reduce the visibility of stretch marks on the skin by massaging a few drops of oil to the area daily. For best results, apply before bed. Perfect for pregnant bellies!

11. Hydrate in a bath:

Apply a few drops to your bath to soften and hydrate the skin as you soak. Safe to use for babies and mothers-to-be! 

12. Treat your sunburn:

Massage a few drops of the oil onto affected area and leave it to soak overnight. The oil will heal and soothe the sore skin and repair any skin damage. Depending on the severity of the burn, a few applications may be required to see results.

13. Treat your eczema:

Massage a few drops of the oil onto affected area to reduce the effects of eczema. Repeat as required. It is best to apply directly after your shower/bath and before bed to let it soak in overnight.

14. Massage and relax:

Use Argan oil as your go-to massage oil, naturally softening the skin and relaxing the body without that greasy feel!