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30% off

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Our argan oils are made naturally, no chemicals added, and bottled with care to ensure a high-quality product.  


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Why give Mum this bundle?

Our Mother's Day Bundle comes with a bottle of each of our Pure Organic Beauty Argan Oil and Culinary Argan Oil.

With our beauty argan oil bottle, Mum's skin will surely celebrate healing and rejuvenation. See below why it's a great gift for Mum.

It's great for her skin.

Thanks to its essential fatty acid and vitamin E content, our beauty argan oil is great for natural skin healing and anti-ageing.

It's a very good moisturiser.

Our beauty argan oil is a powerful (face, hands, and body) moisturiser to soothe and hydrate dry skin and scalps. 

It will make her hair stronger, softer and healthier.

Our argan oil soaks in deep into the scalp and hair, locking in moisture and adding rich nourishment to condition, protect and repair her hair.

Give Mum This Bundle To Make Her Dishes Superb

youforher's Culinary Argan Oil is a great addition to Mum's kitchen! Not only will it give Mum's recipe a new nutty taste but it will also make it healthier. Yes, argan oil is usually known for its benefits on hair and skin, but Moroccans have been eating and cooking with it for centuries!

And for that reason, we'd know your Mum would surely love this nutritious oil.

Here are some recipe ideas to inspire her. :)

Hear Why Our Customers Are Loving Argan Oil

Cured my dandruff and itchy scalp!

Using youforher argan oil just a few times a week has massively reduced my dandruff and itchy scalp, as well as the dry skin around my facial hair. A bonus is how soft my moustache has become... something that my one-year old seems to appreciate!

ROBBIE on Apr 17, 2020

Lovely product! 

Love how this oil balanced my combination skin. No more oily t-zone, no more pimples. Before this I was using a (much) more expensive Clarins serum with less results.

CHERYL on Apr 10, 2020

Organic magic!
Loooove this product! First, I’ve been using it on my baby girl’s baby eczema and it’s been really helping especially in this dry cold winter months in Philadelphia. Second, I recently had surgery and wasn’t able to apply my normal creams so my skin was super dry like never before, decided to try the oil on my skin and it was almost doing a ‘light exfoliation’ getting rid of the dry skin (without the oily feeling) and my skin already feels better. So glad I bought the large size and a few mini size (for travel and give as gifts). I’m ditching the $$$ creams full of chemicals and replacing it with this awesome organic oil instead.

SITI on Jan 20, 2020


I love the taste of this argan oil so much! It is now an absolute staple in my kitchen. My favourite way to use it is by making amlou (I also used the YouForHer recipe) which I drizzle over sliced banana. It is so delicious.. and healthy.

SHANNON on Apr 18, 2020

Argan oil - my favourite - guilt free treat

I love my argan oil combined with almond butter. I love adding good fats to my diet and believe, some spoons of argan oil in a little
bowl of almond butter is as good as Nutella but without the downsides (nasties, impact on environment, trade etc.)

JAH on Dec 16, 2019

Order Your Mother's Day Bundle, Today. 

And let mum know you're thinking of her!

Note: due to COVID/postal delivery delays, we recommend ordering as soon as possible for the order to arrive in time! :)

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