Our commitment to the environment

We believe in doing good for both people and the planet.

Sustainable argan tree with argan fruit in Morocco, which will be picked to make organic argan oil


We only have one mother earth, so we must treat it with kindness and respect! That's why for each step in our business and supply chain, we aim to be as environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable as we can be:

  • We source our argan oil where the argan trees are grown sustainably, within a Natural Biosphere in Morocco. The more successful the argan oil industry is, the more trees are planted. Not only is it great just to be planting more trees, but these magnificent trees have deep roots that prevent desert encroachment and soil erosion. They also provide food, shade and shelter for animals and pastures. So it's a complete win-win-win!
  • We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, a global movement connecting businesses and individuals, working towards making this planet a healthier place. We promise to give 1% of our total revenue each year to environmental initiatives. We believe this should be a baseline requirement for all businesses no matter their objectives or other initiatives. We all need to work together to tackle climate change!  
  • Our bottles are made with recyclable glass, instead of plastic.
  • Our packaging is as minimal as can be (whilst still protecting the glass!), with all recyclable materials and no unnecessary waste.
  • We commit to carbon-offset all of our shipments and transportation, including the final delivery to your door. More details to come on this!
  • Our argan oil is certified organic with ECOCERT in Morocco and is kept in its complete natural state. We are yet to complete the certification checks to be able to use the Australian certified logo on our products, but it will come!

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