Our Commitment to Women

YouForHer is a social enterprise. We believe in creating a profit for a purpose.
Our vision is to connect women from two worlds, Australia and Morocco,
supporting women to take care of themselves and each other, whilst  nourishing the body, mind and soul.

ur mission is to give back to communities of women who are striving to create a better future, through the power of argan oil.  


 Jacqui Manoukian YouForHer   Hind El Aoufi

Established by Novocastrian Jacqui and Moroccan-Sydneysider Hind, our objective is to provide high quality, natural products, that not only provide great benefits to the skin, hair and health, but also provide positive social impact across the whole supply chain.

That’s why we source our argan oil only from an ethical, all-female co-operative in Morocco, which in turn provides financial support and education to the women. We also commit to giving more than half of our profits back to community of women like these in Morocco.

Moroccan cooperative women


The Moroccan Women’s Co-operative

Our Argan oil has been carefully sourced to not only provide high quality, 100% pure organic argan oil, but also to ensure we are creating a genuine, positive impact within the rural communities of Morocco. 

That's why we work with an ethical, all-female co-operative of traditional Berber women in the heart of the Arganier Biosphere Reserve in Morocco. The co-operative is made up of more than 70 women, who are committed to improving their living conditions as well as that of their families.

These women are free to work as they please with an open door policy, remunerated by the amount of work they complete. The vibe is very relaxed, friendly and chatty, with women of all ages from early 20s up to late 70s!

The co-operative provides a monthly independent income stream for the women to provide for their families, in particular for their health and education. In addition, the cooperative is supported by a local NGO, which provides education in literacy and specialised skills (such as accounting, HR and traceability) to the women to enhance their futures and opportunities.

Moroccan cooperative 

About Our Product

The co-operative's oil (our supplier) is certified organic by ECOCERT and strictly follows the requirements of the National Office of Sanitary Safety of Foods (ONSSA). It is guaranteed to be sustainably harvested and certainly does NOT test on animals.  

As we are still new and setting things up, we are still in the process of getting our own official Australian Organic and Cruelty-Free certifications... stay tuned!


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Reinvesting our Profits 

Our business model means we still pay our staff and the required business expenses to maintain ourselves. We reserve some of our profits to continue to grow the business to ensure its success, however, we commit to giving more than half of our profits towards supporting the girls and women within these rural Moroccan communities.

We believe in complete transparency. As a newly established business, we are still figuring out all of the details! We will be working in partnership with a Moroccan non-for-profit association, co-designing and establishing a unique project to support these women and their children in the most impactful way possible. As we progress with this, we’ll keep you informed with precisely what we’re up to!


Rural Morocco

Your Support

By purchasing YouForHer products, you will be supporting these local women and their families through better education, health and opportunities, as well as contributing to the ongoing activity of the true cooperatives. So, we want to say thank you!


Moroccan womenMoroccan womenMoroccan womenMoroccan women